The Therapeutic Art of Keeping Succulents

For those of us in the city, green space is hard to find and even harder to make a part of our daily rhythms. Visiting Central Park or (Prospect Park for my Brooklyn readers!) is one of my favorite ways to relax. There is something special about spending time in nature and breathing in the fresh air. Unfortunately, parks are only warm enough to visit half of the year in New York. Keeping succulents is a practical way to bring nature into your apartment!

Succulents Don’t Succ

My good friend and fellow blogger, Annie Mae suggested to me a couple of months ago that I pick up succulents. I’ll be honest, I already had a few succulents but they were dying because I was so bad at keeping them! But keeping better care of them didn’t feel like a chore like I thought it would. Instead, it became a ritual that I enjoyed and it helped me relax. I didn’t know why keeping succulents was so restful. Annie Mae proposed two reasons:

  1. Keeping succulents is a chance to transition from work to rest. NYC is rated the busiest city in the U.S. We all have projects to work on and important things to do. Studies show that long-term success depends on our ability to leave work at the door and rest. As someone that isn’t one for scrapbooking, writing poetry, or anything like that, I found that keeping succulents was a good ritual for me to take my mind off of work when I got home. As soon as I finished my homework or came home from a long day at work, the first thing I would do is water my plants.
  2. Keeping succulents is an opportunity to connect with nature. As someone who grew up in a really big forest preserve, it was overwhelming for me to move to the city. Living 23 floors off of the ground with only a few trees within eyesight, it was often tough for me to find quiet places where I could collect my thoughts. Planting succulents in my room was a good first step for creating a restful environment at home.

These are just two of the countless reasons why you should start keeping succulents! To read more about keeping succulents and see more beautiful photos of succulents, check out Annie Mae’s blog, Succulents Don’t Succ.

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  1. succulentsdonttsucc says: Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing about rest and succulents. This post is great. I loved collaborating with you!

    1. Same!! It was so fun.

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