Finishing School from Home

With final exams just one week away, now is the time to dial in on creating good habits. In fact, it might already be too late. My house has nine different people in it so it is hard to find a quiet place to work. On top of that, many students– myself included– are finding it easier to procrastinate from home. There’s no longer a library full of students to remind you of upcoming deadlines either! Your success over the next two weeks of school is largely going to depend on you and your ability to focus. So here are some tips that have helped me this semester from home:

  1. Find a location conducive to work. Your bed does not count. I know that the thought of laying down on a soft mattress while class or homework sounds amazing and sometimes you can’t help it. I have started to go over to my church to find a quiet office there. Find somewhere free of distractions and ordain it as your workspace.
  2. Limit your phone use while working. When I hit a writer’s block, the first thing I reach for is my phone. I’m an addict and there’s nothing like monotonous work to make me reach for my phone. Resist it. And if you are too weak to resist the urge to grab your phone like me, do something to create boundaries. Check out my blog about setting healthy phone habits.
  3. Download a Focus App. A couple of days ago, I downloaded an app called Flora. It plants a tree every time that you set a goal for staying off of your phone and complete it. If you turn on your phone early, then the tree dies. It’s a fake tree but it totally works for keeping you off your phone while working! It may not help everyone but definitely worth a try.
  4. Pomodoro Method. I find it incredibly helpful to work 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. If that doesn’t quite work for you, try 45 minutes of work followed by a fifteen-minute break. You’ll find that you work much harder and get stuff done much quicker. The trick to make it work: Actually take your breaks. Don’t check your email. ake your work one project at a time!
  5. Exercise. Finals week may seem like you have more work to do than could possibly get done in 168 hours. You will finish though and exercise will help you to feel better along the way.

Wishing you all the best in finals week! Most importantly, don’t forget to rest!

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  1. atasteofdestitution says: Reply

    I’ll have to download Flora! However, I’m afraid I’m going to be killing several trees.

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